Four weirdos sat down for cheesecake…

Hex in the City was created by a group of like-minded witches as they debuted in the Bay Area Burlesque scene in May 2016. Their simple goal was to create horror and cult classic inspired acts. The troupe produced their first cabaret in December 2016, and the show quickly took off.

In the years since, Hex in the City has grown to a coven of queer creators and artists. Hex now runs a monthly show at the legendary SF Eagle on every 3rd Wednesday that features local LGBTQ+ and POC performers.

We are incredibly grateful for everyone who has supported us the past 3 years. Hex is constantly evolving, which is entirely made possible by our community. Thank you for being a part of our lineage and helping build our legacy.

Creep It Queer,

Barbie & Kitty