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Kitty KaPowww on "What’s Really Happening?"

Luke “Walgreens” Sauer and co-host Sebastian Vego are back together again.  The amazingly talented Guinevere Q-nbfd will be joining us. From Total Smut Comedy Quinn Quintana will be joining us. Also burlesque star Kitty KaPowww will be joining us.  Tune in don’t tune out.
***Please note we do not agree with any jokes regarding racism, sexism, homophobia, and perpetuating rape culture made by the host. We are posting this in support of the awesome femme artists/makers featured on this episode.***


"Tassels, Sequins, and Boobs: Behind the Curtain of the Bay Area’s Burlesque Scene"

SF's long and storied burlesque scene continues to thrive with a sparkle all its own, perhaps because "burlesque performers end up accidentally eating a lot of glitter," Diva or Die's MC IfnWhendy admits. Events across the Bay Area—from the monthly underground gatherings Tourette's Without Regrets (first Thursdays at Oakland Metro Operahouse) to shows put on by the delightfully witchy Hex in the City—can feature everything from burlesque performers in bird cages to spectacles that seamlessly blend circus-style antics and seduction...


Hex in the city on amateur hour Podcast

Amateur Hour sits down with Hex in the City Burlesque featuring producers/performers Kitty KaPowww, Barbie Bloodgloss, and Harley SeQuinn at Kitty's apartment to discuss their growth in the past year as artists and friends.